Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Latest Collection Of Horror Stories Will Be Free On Monday And Tuesday

State of Fear is my most recent collection of short horror fiction, and it will be available for free on Amazon starting Monday. 

Here's what the inestimable Frank Moraes of Frankly Curious has to say about the work:

His approach is to inject you with a slow-acting neurotoxin until you’re afraid to move. He combines the Victorian ghost story’s precision with a postmodern sensibility. The writer and reader are partners. Bibeau rarely comes right out and tells you anything. He renders. What Anaïs Nin was for erotica, Paul Bibeau is for horror.

Please read the rest of the review. And look for the book Monday!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

"Some Of The Trumps Are Fake," By Donald Trump

My fellow Americans: As you know I am changing the system. Draining the swamp! And because of that we face a hard fight from those who want to stop us. The enemies of the people – the media and the corrupt bureaucrats of the deep state –  are attacking us the only way they know... With lies and fake news.

And so I have a disturbing truth to share.

Some of the Trumps are fake.

When you see me on TV or hear audio of my voice, now and in the future, you should make sure you’re actually watching or listening to the real Donald Trump, and not some imposter created by the media to discredit me.

If you watch TV, and all my supporters do, you know they can make amazing things happen with special effects. People in the CIA, or the NSA, working with CNN and the America-hating left... they have technology to create fake recordings and false images of me. They might even forge copies of my signature on legal and business documents. You know they wouldn't hesitate to do this. Don't be fooled!

Making a phony Donald Trump say or do things that might embarrass our movement and stop us from making America great again… That wouldn’t be hard at all.

I don’t want to name a specific example, because then they’ll just find ways to lie. You know this. But you can already guess the times you saw me or heard me, and it was only a media hoax. You know the Trumps that weren’t real.

We have to stick together.

From now on, ask yourself… Am I seeing Donald J. Trump on an official White House or Breitbart video presentation? Or is he being shown to me by Jake Tapper, or other people I can't trust with evidence of any kind, even if it's filed as an exhibit in a criminal case?

Ask yourself: Am I seeing the Donald J. Trump I know? The one who only wants to make America great again? Or does this Donald Trump seem different, doing things and saying things he would never do or say?

Ask yourself: Is this the Donald J. Trump I believe in? Because if it isn’t the Trump you believe in, it’s probably not me, is it? That just makes sense!

Be careful, because you may be seeing more fake Trumps soon. The elite media may flood the networks with what they will call disturbing examples of corruption or possibly treason. None of it is real.

And since many of the Trumps themselves are fake, you know that it's only a small step to realize that they can fake Trump supporters as well. These could be people you meet on Twitter or Facebook  - maybe even people you thought were your friends or family. And they'll act like they used to be supporters of mine, but now they're beginning to doubt the things I say. Don't trust them! They're paid performers. (Yes, even the ones in your own home. Do you think George Soros wouldn't do something like that to destroy us?)

It might come sooner than we expect, and I want you to be ready.

Only I am real. Believe me.

God bless America. The real America. You know who you are, don't you?

TRUMP TALES OF TERROR is about ugly creatures, murderous fantasies, and apocalyptic worlds – and they’re right in America. YOU CAN BUY IT HERE.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Jeff Sessions First Contacted The Russian Ambassador About... Poultry

Long before the current crisis, Jeff Sessions contacted Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak about a poultry ban that was hurting American farmers. From a September 2, 2010 article in the Press-Register in Mobile, AL:

In January, Russia - a major market for chicken exports - barred incoming U.S. chicken over concerns regarding the anti-microbial chlorine rinses used to disinfect the meat.

Then in June, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said they reached an agreement to lift the ban, but the exports never resumed.

Earlier this week, U.S. Sens. Thad Cochran, R-Oxford; Jeff Sessions, R-Mobile; and 28 other senators wrote Sergey Kislyak, ambassador of the Russian Federation to the U.S., concerned with "Russia's failure to honor" the agreement.

I have nothing to add.

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Did Russian Intelligence Use Jeff Sessions To Make Trump Change The GOP Platform At The Convention? Here's Everything We Know.

Jeff Sessions said he did not discuss campaign matters with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. That is a ridiculous claim, because one of his meetings occurred at the GOP convention last year, at the very time when the Trump campaign was forcing the Republican party to change its platform to accommodate the Russian government over Ukraine. Indeed, what happened in Cleveland has implications not only for the Trump administration, but for the entire party.

Here's what we know:

"Jeff Sessions met with the Russian Ambassador at least twice—once at his Senate office in September and once at an event at the Republican National Convention in July," according to Slate.

Sessions claims that in both meetings he was acting as a Senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee. But The Wall Street Journal reports that he paid for his expenses out of political funds, as if he were a campaign surrogate, and not out of a legislative fund.

At the convention the ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, also met with two other Trump campaign advisors. From USA Today:

It's unknown what the Trump campaign officials who spoke with the ambassador – J.D. Gordon and Carter Page – discussed with him. Those who took part in the events in Cleveland said it is not unusual for presidential campaign teams to interact with diplomats. However, the newly-revealed communications further contradict months of repeated denials by Trump officials that his campaign had contact with officials representing the Russian government.

The GOP convention matters, because this is where the Trump administration put pressure on the Republican party to dramatically change its platform on Russia's intervention into Ukraine.

According to NPR, a platform committee member and longtime activist Diana Denman "tried to insert language calling for the U.S. to provide lethal defensive weapons to the Ukrainian government." Then two unknown people intervened:

When she presented her proposal during a platform subcommittee meeting last month, "two gentleman," whom Denman said were part of the Trump campaign, came over, looked at the language, and asked that it be set aside for further review.

The Trump people got what they wanted:

The Trump campaign convinced the platform committee to change Denman's proposal. It went from calling on the U.S. to provide Ukraine "lethal defensive weapons" to the more benign phrase "appropriate assistance."

It's more than semantics. Many Republicans have been demanding the Obama administration provide a more robust response to Russia's incursions in Ukraine.

Denman "was steam rolled," said Melinda Haring of the Atlantic Council, a Washington, DC, think tank, who believes the language the Trump campaign approved is weaker. And she says "it's anyone's guess" what Trump would do regarding Ukraine and Russia, and that perhaps he might not even back "appropriate assistance."

JD Gordon originally said that he had nothing to do with this shift, but then changed his story yesterday and admitted that he pushed for watered down language. Was he one of the two people? That's not completely clear. Who was the other "gentleman?" We don't know. The Washington Post also has a detailed article on how the GOP platform was gutted.

Kislyak was at the convention meeting with three Trump operatives, and at that same convention two operatives reduced assistance to Ukraine in the GOP platform. One of the three people who talked to the Russian admits he was part of this effort - after first denying it.

Business Insider provides more of the troubling context:

Paul Manafort was Trump's campaign manager from April through August. He served as a top adviser to a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine from 2004 to 2012 and helped the Russia-friendly strongman Viktor Yanukovych win the Ukrainian presidency in 2010.

An unverified dossier presented to Trump in January by top US intelligence officials alleges that Trump "agreed to sideline" the issue of Russian intervention in Ukraine during his campaign after Russia promised to feed the emails it stole from prominent Democrats' inboxes to WikiLeaks. The dossier also claims Manafort was receiving "kickback payments" from Yanukovych's associates in Ukraine, where Manafort "had been commercially active ... right up to the time (in March 2016) when he joined campaign team."

Politico has more information on Carter Page's involvement in this. Page confirmed that he talked to the Russian ambassador, but declined to say what it was about.

Who is Sergey Kislyak? He's a diplomat, but also possibly a spy.

CNN reported Wednesday that Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak is considered by US intelligence to be one of Russia's top spies and spy-recruiters in Washington, citing current and former senior US government officials.

But asked by CNN's team in Moscow about the report, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova insisted Kislyak was "a well-known, world-class diplomat."

The New York Times has covered his extensive relationships throughout DC, and his connections to Trumpworld:

Mr. Kislyak’s networking success has landed him at the center of a sprawling controversy and made him the most prominent, if politically radioactive, ambassador in Washington. Two advisers to President Trump have run into trouble for not being more candid about contacts with Mr. Kislyak: Michael T. Flynn, who was forced to resign as national security adviser, and now Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who admitted two previously undisclosed conversations. Mr. Kislyak also met during the transition with Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner.

Who was involved in changing the GOP platform? The chairman of the RNC was Reince Priebus, who is now Trump's chief of staff. The platform committee's chair was Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming. One co-chair was Mary Fallin, governor of Oklahoma and eventually vice chair of the Trump transition team. Another co-chair was Representative Virginia Foxx, a Congresswoman from North Carolina's 5th district.

Rachel Hoff was on the national security platform subcommittee that actually decided to make this change. She was present for some of the discussions and spoke to the Washington Post about it, saying:

"This is another example of Trump being out of step with GOP leadership and the mainstream in a way that shows he would be dangerous for America and the world.”

More will come to light. But Jeff Sessions is not telling the truth about what went on at that convention. And it seems absolutely beyond belief that other Republicans in the establishment didn't know this ambassador was there having his meetings and changing GOP policy.

TRUMP TALES OF TERROR is about ugly creatures, murderous fantasies, and apocalyptic worlds – and they’re right in America. YOU CAN BUY IT HERE.

Monday, February 27, 2017

I Have A Very Pretty Congressman Named Scott Taylor

My Congressman, Scott Taylor, a Republican from the second district of Virginia, is very pretty. It's undeniable. He has a square jaw, and all his hair, and when he wears a suit he looks like a guy in an ad for a high-end watch or something like that.

And part of why he's in such good shape is that he's a retired Navy SEAL. He even has a little pin on his suit. Scott Taylor, my attractive Congressman, is also a war hero.

When national magazines publish pieces about Scott Taylor, they don't generally point out how good-looking he is. Instead, reporters write that his "calm demeanor" defused tensions at a recent town hall. People on Twitter comment about how he was "doing a great job answering questions" and he looked "well composed." They say things like "I don't agree with everything you do but it is refreshing to hear a calm voice these days." All of this is really just a way of saying people look at my Congressman, and they imagine him rescuing kittens from a house fire with his shirt off. But reading it, you might also get the idea that Taylor's one of those thoughtful, responsible Republican politicians who is going to help balance out a lunatic like Trump. My pretty, pretty Congressman then tweets and retweets all this to reinforce the image of him as one of the good guys. We (men as well as women, mind you) give the benefit of the doubt to toothsome war heroes. But is he one of the good guys?

Sure, he has the chin and hair of a responsible Congressman. He could play a responsible Congressman in an action movie, and his backstory would be perfect if he needed to take out a team of terrorists, John McClane-style.

But in the real world, Scott Taylor, who is an honorable vet and would make a very good spokesperson for Seiko, and maybe someday, when he's older, for a reverse mortgage company... he is also a mediocre lawmaker. People might give him praise for his 8th-grade forensics-level ability to talk to crowds, but 538 says he agrees with Donald Trump 100% of the time. He wrote a book, Trust Betrayed, that is basically a playlist of every Benghazi conspiracy theory you've ever heard... but you can not get him to call for an investigation into that botched operation in Yemen that killed a Navy SEAL. His book also mentioned Vladimir Putin 39 times as a threat to the Obama administration. However, he won't put any pressure on the current leadership to investigate that KGB thug. Taylor's climate change position is basically: This is complicated. I don't know what to do, and I don't want to hurt Paul Ryan's feelings! He gets annoyed by his own constituents, he's been avoiding them, and he spent the recess meeting pro-life extremists and right-wing celebrity hacks in another state.

He's lazy, inattentive, and a complete hypocrite. Scott Taylor is exactly the kind of Republican Congressman who will let a clown like Donald Trump ruin this country. Please don't be fooled by his great military record, or his rugged, yet boyish features. Please don't let your gratitude for his service make you forget that there are soldiers serving right now, right this very moment in dangerous places. They are serving under Commander in Chief Trump, and Scott Taylor isn't doing a damn thing to protect them. As citizens we are the ones who have to protect those people by making sure that Trump is held accountable for their lives, and for so much else.

Ultimately people give Scott Taylor a pass because as a nation we romanticize war. And that's a bigger problem. It's partly why we've had more than two decades of counter-terrorist policies, interventions around the globe, and we're still not safe. It threatens our tradition of civilian control over the military. It threatens democracy itself. The key to solving this problem is to treat people who served like people, not characters in a movie or comic book. We often don't know we're doing it. It's silly. It's dangerous. We need to stop.

Hey, if it makes you feel better, after we kick him out of office, we can give Scott Taylor a parade. Promise.

TRUMP TALES OF TERROR is about ugly creatures, murderous fantasies, and apocalyptic worlds – and they’re right in America. YOU CAN BUY IT HERE.

Monday, February 20, 2017

"I Wish I’d Won The Election," By Donald Trump

This administration’s a total disaster! It’s everything I warned people about. Hillary packed the cabinet with bankers and lobbyists, and they’re betraying regular Americans.

If I were president, it would all be different, believe me.

In some ways it’s even more awful than we feared. I knew Hillary would pick a corrupt team, but her NSC advisor actually got kicked out for secret negotiations with the Russians. We’re only a month into this thing, and she’s already made a sleazy deal with the Chinese, and one of her staffers was on TV trying to push products for a family business.

This is exactly what my supporters – who are the best people, really – wanted me to get rid of. And if I’d won the election instead of her this terrible administration would be nothing but a bad dream.

I came so close. And so many people come up to me now, and they say, “You got more of the popular vote. Why didn’t they let you in?” I have to explain about this crooked system with its electoral college. They don’t believe it. So Hillary won alright, but now she has no legitimacy. She’s weak. Weak!

She can sit there in the White House having one long meeting after another. (I bet they’re exhausting. I bet she feels like she can’t even breathe, she’s so overwhelmed.) She’s president, but I’m the one they wanted to win. America chose me. And I’m never going to let her forget that.

How sad that the thing Hillary wanted so much… She got it, and it destroyed her. Now she’s so low-rated. But I’m out here with thousands of fans and they will never stop believing in me.

I love these rallies. The people yell things and chant things, and I can always tell what they want to hear, what the truth is, because that’s what they clap for. It’s almost like we’re just thinking the same thoughts at the same time, and you have no idea what a relief it is to feel like you don’t exist, because then you don’t have to doubt or worry that you might get embarrassed by a goddamned woman.

I wish my dad were here. I wish General Patton were here.
But some nights. Out on the stage. Some nights they are. And then General Patton turns to me, and he smiles and says, “If we have a big enough war, no one will ever know she was a bad president.” She. Hillary. Because she’s the one.

We’re going to win someday.

Sure we’re going through hard times. Jared has a lot of work for me to do. So many things to sign. Jared has good ideas. I surround myself with only the best people. He says I should limit my visitors, because of the terrible leaks. There have been false stories about how I can’t focus on the job, or that I yell at people on the phone… or that I sit around all day in a blond wig and an extra-large pantsuit talking to myself in a high-pitched voice as I make blunder after blunder. Fake.

But nothing can break me. Not the liars in the media, or those judges… Nothing.

I won’t fail you America.
That’s the kind of thing Hillary would do.

READ MORE about Trump's enterterrifying mental breakdown here.

And consider...

TRUMP TALES OF TERROR is about ugly creatures, murderous fantasies, and apocalyptic worlds – and they’re right in America. YOU CAN BUY IT HERE.

Monday, February 13, 2017

"Being President Means I Don't Have To Die Alone," By Donald Trump

I think about the end a lot. I guess that's normal for people my age. But now that they've moved me here it's gotten worse. I'm cut off from my friends and from all the things I used to do. Jared said this was for the best - that being at the White House would make it safer and more convenient for me than staying at my own place.

"It's the best assisted living facility in the country, dad," he told me. "It's where Reagan went."

I couldn't argue. Still, sitting here with nothing to do except play Parcheesi and order Special Forces raids... you get a lot of time to dwell on your own mortality. The only thing that makes it good is that I don't have to die alone if I don't want to.

It's probably the best perk of being president, you know? If I feel like I've lived long enough, and my time is near, I can go out with dignity. On my own terms. And with plenty of company.

The thought of dying alone scares all of us, doesn't it? The idea that you disappear forever, get forgotten, and that the rest of the world just continues on with its business - all those people getting married or playing with their kids or having fun without you... just like you never existed. Thank goodness it doesn't have to be that way for me. Not if I don't want it to.

I haven't discussed it with Melania, or Ivanka, but I'm pretty sure they feel the same way. And my supporters would do anything for me. That gives me comfort for the years ahead.

Look at me, rambling on and getting morbid! Anyway, I don't think it's an issue I have to deal with right now. My doctor says I'm in excellent health, and I have a long life to live. I won't need to get serious about any of this unless something drastic happens, like a major illness or my approval rating dropping any further.

No matter what happens though, or when... it's just nice to know I won't be all by myself when I face it.

TRUMP TALES OF TERROR is about ugly creatures, murderous fantasies, and apocalyptic worlds – and they’re right in America. YOU CAN BUY IT HERE.
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