Monday, March 13, 2017

"Some Of The Trumps Are Fake," By Donald Trump

My fellow Americans: As you know I am changing the system. Draining the swamp! And because of that we face a hard fight from those who want to stop us. The enemies of the people – the media and the corrupt bureaucrats of the deep state –  are attacking us the only way they know... With lies and fake news.

And so I have a disturbing truth to share.

Some of the Trumps are fake.

When you see me on TV or hear audio of my voice, now and in the future, you should make sure you’re actually watching or listening to the real Donald Trump, and not some imposter created by the media to discredit me.

If you watch TV, and all my supporters do, you know they can make amazing things happen with special effects. People in the CIA, or the NSA, working with CNN and the America-hating left... they have technology to create fake recordings and false images of me. They might even forge copies of my signature on legal and business documents. You know they wouldn't hesitate to do this. Don't be fooled!

Making a phony Donald Trump say or do things that might embarrass our movement and stop us from making America great again… That wouldn’t be hard at all.

I don’t want to name a specific example, because then they’ll just find ways to lie. You know this. But you can already guess the times you saw me or heard me, and it was only a media hoax. You know the Trumps that weren’t real.

We have to stick together.

From now on, ask yourself… Am I seeing Donald J. Trump on an official White House or Breitbart video presentation? Or is he being shown to me by Jake Tapper, or other people I can't trust with evidence of any kind, even if it's filed as an exhibit in a criminal case?

Ask yourself: Am I seeing the Donald J. Trump I know? The one who only wants to make America great again? Or does this Donald Trump seem different, doing things and saying things he would never do or say?

Ask yourself: Is this the Donald J. Trump I believe in? Because if it isn’t the Trump you believe in, it’s probably not me, is it? That just makes sense!

Be careful, because you may be seeing more fake Trumps soon. The elite media may flood the networks with what they will call disturbing examples of corruption or possibly treason. None of it is real.

And since many of the Trumps themselves are fake, you know that it's only a small step to realize that they can fake Trump supporters as well. These could be people you meet on Twitter or Facebook  - maybe even people you thought were your friends or family. And they'll act like they used to be supporters of mine, but now they're beginning to doubt the things I say. Don't trust them! They're paid performers. (Yes, even the ones in your own home. Do you think George Soros wouldn't do something like that to destroy us?)

It might come sooner than we expect, and I want you to be ready.

Only I am real. Believe me.

God bless America. The real America. You know who you are, don't you?

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  1. It must be getting depressingly hard to find anything you can say as satire which he hasn't already *actually* said for real.


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